Thrive To Success

Sad how exploited good people can be by their supposed friends. We are not saviors but we do understand it is about people’s lives…and the lives of their families when they come to us for immigration investment. This family truly abused but not only about money it was about taking away their dream of building a life in America. We will do our best to help them realize that dream.

July Update

End of July is here- for many it’s a slow month. For Irvine America it’s about rapid growth. Here’s how our July went: 1) Entered into escrow on high profile showcase buildings with 90,000 sq ft of office for our new HQ 2) Bought a east coast based merchant bank- increasing our US presence 3) Acquired technology and a new business to enter the rapidly growing world of e-sports 4) Increased our portfolio of operating home/office furniture manufacturers and service companies 5) On boarded more investors into our immigration investment platform 6) Prepared to launch new funds 7) Lined up new partnerships 8) And while doing so had more fun than 3 guys ever should. August will be even busier, we can’t wait.